Can you believe that Hitler who caused so much of destruction was a very creative man ?

Hitler was a man with short height and a short mustache but he caused a big war-World War II. he was the one who first used atom bomb on people and cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan which were completely destroyed.

It is hard to believe that Hitler always wanted to be an artist. He was fond of painting , arts and drawing. He moves to Vienna and did watercolor painting. He sold postcards to earn some money. He applied in the Academy of fine Arts twice but was rejected. His father did not support him in his career as an artist.

It was in one of the political meetings that Hitler gave a speech. His powerful voice attracted attention from everyone. From , then, there was so looking back. He joined the Nazi party and soon became its leader. Through his speeches , he convinced the people that he would make Germany rise in the whole of Europe. He was elected the Chancellor of Germany in 1933. Later he turned into a director who ruled Germany with a firm hand .




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Aakrity Chapagai

Aakrity Chapagai

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