Do you know that Michael Schumacher was a racer right at the age of 6?

Michael Schumacher, the f1 world Champion, holds the remarkable record for maximum Grand Prix victories, which is 91 times! Unbelievable, isn’t it?

He was born in Germany. His mother ran the canteen while his father was a bricklayer who ran a local kart track. He then had the track available to him and he made the most out of it. He began to go karting when he was just 4! By, he had won his first kart race!

He is known for his smooth driving skill, his instincts, and the ability to go around the “sharp curves” on the racing track. His biggest fear was to drive in wet conditions but he overcame his fear. Micheal announced his retirement in 2006. But he returned in 2010 and finally retired in 2012.



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