If there is no reaction of gases on the Moon, why does the Moonshine? Where does the light come from?

Moon is actually very dark with no light of its own. It is basically a big mirror that reflects back the Sun’s light. It is the light of the sun that makes it shine.

Do you know how far the Moon is from the Earth? The Moon is roughly 1.27 light seconds from the earth. It means the light from the Moon takes 1.27 light seconds to reach us. Let’s see what this distance means, if we travel by car. It would take approximately 130 days to reach the Moon by car but cars don’t go into space! If you, however, travel by racket, It would take 13 hours to reach the Moon.




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“What is now proved was once only imagined.”- William Blake.

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Aakrity Chapagai

Aakrity Chapagai

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