Seven man-made wonders of the world.

Just like some Natural Wonders leave you spellbound, man has also created monuments, buildings, and cities that amaze everyone. There is a foundation called ‘The New seven wonders Foundation’ which has declared seven wonders of the world. Twenty-one monuments were shortlisted and they vote by the people of the world. Egyptians were not happy that The great Pyramid of Giza will have to complete with Modern buildings. So that is why it is considered an honorary candidate.

1. Petra

2. Great Wall of China

3. Taj Mahal

4. Machu Pichhu

5. Colosseum

6.Chichen Itza

7. Christ the Redeemer

8. The Great Pyramid Of Giga (honorary candidate)




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Aakrity Chapagai

Aakrity Chapagai

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