So many trees grow in the parks and on the roadside, How do they manage to add fertilizers to so many trees?

Leaves that fall from the trees act as natural fertilizers. They gradually get absorbed into the soil by the water, get decomposed, and become fertilizer.

This way there is no need to add fertilizer regularly. They can be added from time to time. Hence, the leaves that fall near the trees and in the garden should not be removed. Natural should be allowed to follow its own path!

2. Why do gardeners plow the garden?

With the help of a spade, the gardener turns the soil so that is can ‘breath’. It is believed that plowing helps the plants to grow as more carbo dioxide is available from the soil. But there is a problem with this method. When the soil is turned, the weeds, sleeping quietly below the surface of the soil, wake up. After plowing they begin to grow as well and then we begin with the process of weeding!

In real terms, plowing may not be required at all. The earthworms and other insects in the soil are natural gardeners which keep turning the soil.

When large field or farms are plowed, the natural microbes like fungi, bacteria present in the soil also tends to get killed. It is these microbes who make the soil healthy for growth by adding nutrients to it.




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