What do space probes like flybys, orbiters, landers, and rovers do in space?

Space probes travel through space to collect information from different planets, their moons, asteroid, and comets. They send this information back to Earth for scientists to study. space probes transmit data from space by radio waves which scientists on Earth study. These probes carry special cameras and instruments to take photographs and bring rock and soil samples. While some of these probes come back to Earth with data and samples they collect, some only make a one-way journey. Let’s look at some of these cool machines and what they do:

Flybys: They collect information while flying past the objects in space.

Landers of course land.

Landers of course land. But some lenders carry rovers that are medium sizes robots. Rovers can move around unlike landers and help to collect data from different angles and places besides the site where they land. They also gather soil and rock samples.


They rotate into an orbit around a planet or moon for some time and gather data for scientists.

All of these amazing machines are controlled from the Earth by very powerful remote controls!



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