What if today was your last day?

The way I see it, there’s only one silver lining in the coronavirus crisis we’re currently facing: We have a lot of extra time on our hands.

While it’s in no one’s interest that the world is on its back, on an individual level, we now have the opportunity of a lifetime if we’re healthy. Look at it this way. ALL your plans for the next 3–6 months are canceled. You only have today.

We’re forced to live day by day. In fact, most of us live hour by hour. We’re glued to our phones and TVs. We need to keep up with the news. But is that really necessary? You now have seas of time. Is that the best use of that precious time?

Think about this for a minute. Eventually, life will get back to normal. We will all go to the gym, restaurants, office,college and so forth. We will visit our family and friends in their homes. We will shake hands again.

When all this is over, will you be satisfied with the way you’re currently spending your days?

Be brutally honest with yourself. Until last week, my answer was no. Like millions of others, I consumed the news all day. At some point, the message was clear.

But I kept on watching. Why? The answer is obvious: The shock of the news causes confusion. We don’t know what to do with our time anymore. To be honest, this is not something new. The stoic philosopher Seneca famously said in On The Shortness Of Life “It is not that we have a short time to live, but that we waste a lot of it.”

We’re wasting more of our time than usual now. Ask yourself: Are the things that I’m doing while I’m quarantined worth my time? I’ve done that. And most of the things I did simply were not. But distinguishing wasteful activities from worthwhile activities is hard.

As an exercise, I recommend everyone to sit down and think about whatactivities are worth your time. This is a personal exercise. Everybody values different things. To give you an idea of how I spend my time, I’ve made a list of 18 activities that I consider worthwhile right now.

  1. Sleeping (a lot) — It’s not like you have to be anywhere. If you can’t get 8–9 hours of sleep at night, squeeze in some naps during the day. It’s good for your immune system and you’ll feel better. But you must adjust your mindset: Instead of grabbing your phone, grab a pillow.

As I was creating this list, I noticed I can do all these things whether there’s a coronavirus crisis or not. In fact, I need to be doing these things.

At the end of a day, you must look back and think to yourself, “If this was my last day, I’m okay with that.”

Can you honestly say that? Look, it’s not about living every day like it’s your last. If everybody did that, we would have total anarchy.

Instead, make sure you spend your time well. Are you proud of how you’re spending your days? Answer yes, and you’ll never live with regrets.