Why do plants need water? How do we know how much water they need?

Plants make their own food using nutrients from the soil and carbon dioxide form the air. Water helps the plants absorb nutrients from the soil and transport it to all parts of the plant. How much water plant needs varies from plant to plant. Some plants with fleshy leaves like aloe vera, cactus,pony tail palm etc. Need less water.

The best way to judge if you need to water your plants is by pressing 3 inches deep in the soil(which may be as long as your forefinger!). If the soil is wet and soft, you need not add water. But if it appears dry, lift your watering can and pour some water. Ouch! Remember to pour water on the soil and not on the plant.


The type of soil also decided how much water a plant needs. Sandy soil may need more water as compared to clay soil.




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Aakrity Chapagai

Aakrity Chapagai

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